Easter Children's Portraits 2015

It's almost spring again and time for our popular Easter Childrens Portrait Special. This 'no session fee"   event features customizable, affordable packages with all of the quality and beautiful expressions you'd expect from Greg Taylor Photography.  Our pet bunny, Lily, will be on hand to sit with you for your special Easter Portrait if you'd like!

Call us today and schedule your time for this fun event., 217-489-2051.

Something NEW this year!  FREE Social Media Image with each package sold. Ask for details when you come for your session!

Furry Friends

Most of us have had a pet in our life that was loyal, loving and true!  My first dog, Rinty, was a beagle that protected me and played with me every moment I was outside on the farm. I would love to see and pet him again, holding him in my arms just like I did so long ago.


Pets are part of our families, they guard and protect us; they calm us when we're upset and love us when we need a hug. They are always faithful and true to us!


Pets are included in many Family and Senior Portraits. I see this as an act of love by the families to their furry family member and gives us a great memory of the love we share with our precious pets.


Consider including your pet in your next family portrait, you'll be happy that you did!

Baby, Baby, Sweet Baby!

How can one describe the emotion and feelings at the sight of a newborn child? We are all born helpless and vulnerable to the world, but the love and nurturing of our parents and family protect us, shelter us and love us from the moment we arrive.

Capturing the sweet innocence of a newborn is one of the greatest joys of being a photographer. Life is a miracle and gift giving to us by God. The reflection of God's love radiates in the beauty of a child and the love and guidance of the family. What a privilege it is to be able to capture a glimpse of that love!

Photo Restoration at Greg Taylor Photography

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Children's Special for July 2013- Anything Goes!

B&W Expressions January 2013

Pole Vault_An Awesome Track and Field Event!



     Kristin has been an athlete all her life. She began as a gymnast and  plays a mean game of volleyball , but her first love is the brave  world of Pole Vault. I say "brave world" because I actually tried to learn pole vaulting in High School;it scared me to death! There was no way I was flying feet up on a flimsy pole over a bar that could fall on me. The biggest fear was NOT going over the bar, but falling backward on my head!

    This is where I get my extreme respect for the brave athletes who pole vault. What a fun event to watch! The best pole vaulters in the state are located here in Central Illinois; in large part because of a couple of Club Pole Vault  Teams in the Bloomington and Champaign areas.

   Kristin is one of the best and her passion for the sport pushes her to continue to improve. Senior year is here and she'll be over the top in her field! 

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