Pole Vault_An Awesome Track and Field Event!



     Kristin has been an athlete all her life. She began as a gymnast and  plays a mean game of volleyball , but her first love is the brave  world of Pole Vault. I say "brave world" because I actually tried to learn pole vaulting in High School;it scared me to death! There was no way I was flying feet up on a flimsy pole over a bar that could fall on me. The biggest fear was NOT going over the bar, but falling backward on my head!

    This is where I get my extreme respect for the brave athletes who pole vault. What a fun event to watch! The best pole vaulters in the state are located here in Central Illinois; in large part because of a couple of Club Pole Vault  Teams in the Bloomington and Champaign areas.

   Kristin is one of the best and her passion for the sport pushes her to continue to improve. Senior year is here and she'll be over the top in her field! 

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