Another First after 30 Years

Phyleta PlunkI have been a photographer for 30 years. It doesn't seem like a long time until you stop and think about it; THIRTY YEARS!

I am in a stage of life now where the high school seniors are now the children of the high school seniors that I remember photographing as though it was yesterday. And now another milestone "first" has happened.

I was recently contacted to come to a birthday gathering to take photographs of family members present and a portrait of the guest of honor during an open house at her home. Phyleta Plunk was about to turn 100 years old. I was thrilled to be asked, I had created a 50th anniversary portrait for Phyleta and her beloved husband, Myers, over  twenty five years ago; a portrait that hangs on her wall that reminds her daily of the wonderful marriage they shared. But today was a new event in life; one that very few of us achieve. To be guest of honor at her 100th birthday, to share the joy of life and love with her many relatives and friends.

These events are a constant reminder to me of why I was called to be a photographer. Important milestones in the life of a family captured and preserved for future generations to view and reminisce of the times they enjoyed together many years earlier. I consider my profession a great privilege to be present for these occasions and meet the wonderful people I am asked to capture for posterity.

If you'd like to see some of the photographs taken at the party, follow this link:


Happy Birthday, Phyleta!

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