The Importance of Authenticity


Who are YOU?

     The question I am asked most often by parents when scheduling a Senior Portrait is," What kind of props do you think would look nice in the photos?"

    Of course, I answer the question with a question, " What does your son or daughter like to do? What are they passionate about?"

      Sports equipment is by far the most popular props because of the popularity of athletics in school. Musical instruments would come a close second; there are lots of very talented musicians that are trained well in the band and chorus. This portrait of Matthew tells of his great love of music and his guitar.  He is active in  every musical or acting event at St Thomas More including Madrigals ,Improv and Battle of the Bands.       

     But  Matthew's  talent with a guitar is magical. He is one with the strings and effortlessly creates the most beautiful tones on his acoustical guitar. So when it came to selecting a prop to show who Matthew is, there was no question what he would choose....


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